Here’s Why Every Business Needs Behavioural Profiling

Do you use behavioural profiling to help drive better results in your organisation? Here at pH Factor, we don’t just spend our time formulating beauty and home care products in our lab, we also offer innovative industry training to help you level up your ingredient and sales knowledge. Our results-driven sessions are designed to help organisations and individuals improve communication and get better sales results in the field.

As much as our training covers ingredients and cosmetic science, we also partner with #Number 1 and Why to deliver behavioural profiling as one of our favourite tools to aid sales and team success.

Behavioural profiling allows us to look at a person’s characteristics, personality, and preferences and draw certain helpful conclusions about them. For example, in our tailored trainings, we use profiling to build successful teams by identifying how each individual may impact others. This gives managers the opportunity and skills to build genuinely successful teams that function well, using each person’s strengths while also supporting their weaknesses.

However, behavioural profiling isn’t just a tool to be used internally. Once you can identify behavioural traits such as being decisive or impulsive, analytical or easy-going, and so on, you can better tailor your approach to any situation. This is particularly helpful in sales scenarios. 

Imagine if you could identify how the customer you are speaking with makes their decisions and tailor your pitch or discussion to align with their thoughts? You would see many more successful outcomes!

The Key Reasons We Use Behavioural Profiling

  • It allows for improved team communication, creating stronger, more effective teams.
  • It enhances client communication and leads to better outcomes.
  • It leads to increased self-awareness, which can remove blocks to productivity or success.
  • It affords a better ability to understand those around us, leading to deeper connections and better results in professional or personal settings.


We love it when clients can walk away from our training with renewed confidence and clarity. From a better understanding of ingredients and cosmetic science to expert-level behavioural profiling knowledge, teams are able to enjoy the benefits of enhanced communication with an awareness for their own strengths, both internally and with your customers.

Are you interested in levelling up your team with pH Factor? Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss our bespoke training options!