Our Commitment to Eco-Conscious Science

It’s no secret that consumers are eager for more sustainable and eco-conscious products when they shop. There is rising demand for sustainable packaging and use of eco-friendly ingredients, especially in the beauty industry.

A 2019 study by Global Web Index found that roughly half of all respondents indicated they were willing to pay more if product packaging was environmentally friendly and if products were made with natural or organic ingredients.

Similarly, a survey by Wella’s We Do/Professional branch found 54% of consumers highly value sustainability in their beauty products, but more than half of respondents also found it difficult to find and identify sustainable products. We also see similar statistics being echoed throughout a variety of studies, with the numbers rising each year.

At pH Factor, we are passionately committed to eco-conscious science and embed this philosophy into the way we approach product development for our clients. From focusing on sustainable and scientifically advanced formulations to taking a small batch approach to production, we aim to reduce environmental impact while creating high quality products that consumers love. 

Sustainable and scientifically advanced formulations

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of transparency and control over the production process, which means we offer sustainable resources in the products we create in order to reduce environmental impact.

Our signature approach is in combining the power of organic and natural ingredients with scientifically proven synthetic formulas, allowing your products to work in harmony with the skin. This is both to reduce environmental impact, while creating high-quality, award winning products. We formulate to nationally and internationally recognised standards such as Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Organic Food (OFC), ECCERT (EU Organic), and COSMOS. 

Small batch production

We follow the ethos of small batch production at pH Factor. Small batch production is not only beneficial for the environment as it reduces total waste, but can be far more cost-efficient and less risky for a start up brand. By producing in small batches, you gain much more control over your environmental impact and avoid the nightmare scenario of being left with large quantities of recalled or unsold products. 

Environmentally friendly packaging solutions

Packaging plays an important role in product safety, and it can be tricky to balance environmental friendliness with safety needs. We can help advise on suitable product packaging that doesn’t cost the earth, while also testing to ensure it allows for a safe and effective product for customers.

Want to work with us?

When you work with us at pH Factor, you’re not just creating a product. You’re creating a product with our environment in mind. If you’d like to discuss working together, get in touch to book your complimentary consultation.