Could Slow Beauty Be The Way of The Future?

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the supply chain and manufacturing of products worldwide. A great way for beauty brands to mitigate overstock issues and reduce product wastage is to start thinking about made-to-order products through small-batch production. This is also known as slow beauty, where customers are investing in products that have been crafted using sustainable methods and intelligently sourced ingredients. 

At pH Factor, sustainability is central to everything we do. That is one of the reasons why we offer small-batch production for our clients. Small-batch production allows you to be in control of the materials you’re using and reduce your environmental footprint. 

If you are a beauty brand owner or start-up that wants to add an extra layer of sustainability to your business, read on to find out what grown-to-order beauty entails and the benefits it has for both the environment and your brand’s innovation. 

The Effects of Large Scale Beauty Production 

If you think about it, every skincare product you own uses resources: extraction of raw ingredients, packaging, shipping, and so on. There are environmental effects at each part of the supply chain. 

Large-scale production in the beauty industry currently contributes 120 billion units of plastic waste from packaging each year, contributing significantly to worldwide product wastage. Plastic waste is found throughout the industry from formula testers to unsold or returned products that expire in warehouses. These wasted products ultimately end up in landfill where they struggle to break down.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out eco-friendly brands that walk the walk when it comes to creating sustainable products. Using small batch production techniques can be a valuable marketing differentiator for your beauty brand.

What is Grown-To-Order Beauty?

Grown-to-order beauty uses small-batch production to ensure nothing created goes to waste. The idea behind grown-to-order beauty is similar to that of brands that allow their customers to pre-order their products. Instead of producing products in large masses which contributes to further beauty waste, the brand awaits orders from customers before creating the product batches and sending them out. 

Grown-to-order beauty includes brands growing the ingredients themselves and also incorporating other sustainable methods into their products. One of the first brands that have adopted the revolutionary grown-to-order technology is the natural skincare and wild fragrance beauty brand, Haeckels. 

The brand has created a unique under-eye mask that doesn’t include any plastic and the masks create zero waste as they are grown to order and the packaging is made from compostable materials. Their end-product is plastic-free, compostable, and good for both human skin and the environment at the same time!

The Benefits of Grown-To-Order Beauty

Besides the amazing benefits for the planet, grown-to-order beauty has an array of benefits for both the logistics of your brand and your customer satisfaction:

  • Grown-to-order beauty is more cost-effective than large-scale production. 
  • It bolsters your brand’s sustainability credentials. 
  • Using fewer resources and less product wastage means less pollution and impact on the environment. 
  • It mitigates supply chain issues such as the overstocking of items.
  • It expresses forward-thinking brand innovation and differentiates you from competitors.


As a beauty brand owner or start-up, advance your brand’s sustainability by considering grown-to-order beauty and using small-batch production. Being smart with ingredients and product choices is not only better for the environment but better for your budget too.

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