Expert Technical Training for Ingredient Suppliers & Brand Owners

While you may know that at pH Factor we develop beauty and home care products, did you know we also offer on-site technical training? We are passionate about education, particularly when it comes to getting the most out of ingredients, and greatly enjoy hosting training for ingredient suppliers and brand owners looking to increase their scientific knowledge and overall sales.

We have been building personalised one-to-one relationships through specialised consultations with beauty and home-care suppliers and brand owners since 2010. Our highly educated and experienced staff are qualified and trained in Cosmetic science & education, with over 20 years of experience in raw materials, contract manufacturing, and performance-based sales.

We offer bespoke technical training that is tailored to your organisational and team needs because we believe a one-size-fits-all program doesn’t work. We aim to guide and support new and current industry personnel and allow them to gain tools and confidence in Cosmetic Ingredients, the regulations surrounding the ingredients, and how they are practically used.

Our technical training is perfect for:

  • Research and Development Scientists seeking a knowledge refresher
  • Formulating Chemists
  • Marketing/Technical Personnel
  • Sales Staff

The benefits of our training

Our approach ensures science meets substance. You will be able to offer your customers increased transparency about ingredients, formulations, and how they work. We will provide you with the tools required to better understand the personal care space and how the key products in your portfolio can support your customers while explaining the clear benefits and differences your products create in the marketplace. 

We also partner with #Number 1 and Why to integrate behavioural profiling into our training. Behavioural profiling allows for a much deeper understanding into the behaviour of individuals, and we find that this knowledge helps teams connect both internally with one another and externally with clients in sales situations. 

All this allows you to engage on a deeper level with your customers, and close sales with ease.

Taking part in training can cover (but is not limited to):

  • Skin & Hair science
  • Chemistries of Ingredients
  • Support in Ingredient Selling
  • Understanding ingredient synergy through formulations
  • Behavioural profiling to create team and sales success
  • And more!

Our support, engage, convert approach.

We can support you by arming you with the knowledge of the ingredient’s purpose, functionality & use. This will allow a better engagement with the client which in turn, will convert & reflect in sales.

Most recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a two-day technical training for IMCD to help educate, train, and empower their team with expert ingredient and sales knowledge. We delivered a total of four modules over two days, covering skin and hair science, ingredients and safety, functionality, and effectively selling finished products.

This bespoke training for IMCD allowed them to walk away with a solid foundational knowledge across the fundamentals of skin and hair science, regulatory bodies and their requirements, ingredient evaluation and safety, understanding how different ingredient types work, how to select appropriate ingredients for formulations, and how to sell using proven strategies. 

At pH Factor, we’re all about making science fun and accessible for all, and our training comes with interactive assessments and elements such as quizzes, implementation sessions, and hands-on experiences for an effective learning experience. We want you to walk away feeling confident and empowered in your newfound knowledge!

What they said

But don’t take it from us, here’s what IMCD had to say about their training experience with pH Factor:

“I can’t thank you enough for the last 2 days we spent with you. The team really enjoyed it and the clarity we gained which will allow for focus, productivity, positivity and solutions.

I’m so appreciative for the time and the care you’ve showed IMCD, as a manager I have come away with amazing strategies to put in place.

 I’m beyond thrilled with our session. Thank you both and your incredible team.”

Book your training with pH Factor

We greatly enjoyed the training experience with IMCD and are thrilled they benefited from the experience. We are truly passionate about education and empowering others with our science meets substance approach.

If you are interested in booking technical training for your organisation or staff, just get in touch to receive a bespoke training proposal, tailored to your needs.