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Expert Technical Training for Ingredient Suppliers & Brand Owners

While you may know that at pH Factor we develop beauty and home care products, did you know we also offer on-site technical training? We are passionate about education, particularly when it comes to getting the most out of ingredients, and greatly enjoy hosting training for ingredient suppliers and brand owners looking to increase their scientific knowledge and overall sales.

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Our Commitment to Eco-Conscious Science

It’s no secret that consumers are eager for more sustainable and eco-conscious products when they shop. There is rising demand for sustainable packaging and use of eco-friendly ingredients, especially in the beauty industry.

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Creating Your Product: Where To Start

If you want to bring a new beauty or home care product to the market it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You probably have an idea and maybe you’ve done a bit of research, but now you’re wondering where to go next. How do you go from idea to market-ready product? That’s where we come in!

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The Benefits of Consulting A Professional Chemist

Are you looking to create a cosmetics formula, but you’re unsure where to start and need some extra guidance? Or maybe you have a formula and need an expert opinion on it? When you are investing a lot of time and resources into creating a beauty or home care product, it pays to receive expert advice so that you can minimise your business mistakes and launch a successful product. 

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Why Are Preservatives Necessary for Use in Cosmetic Products?

Preservatives are commonly used in cosmetic formulations, but many people question how safe they are and if they are truly necessary to include in products. At pH Factor, we believe preservatives are 100% necessary in cosmetic products as they protect the consumer, the integrity of your formulation, the health of your skin, and your products’ longevity. They are safe and effective when used correctly. 

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