What Are Bio-Identical Ingredients?

Plant-based ingredients are often thought to be better for both the environment and our skin, but this is not entirely true. The power science has in creating effective sustainable skincare is often overlooked. This is what we call bioidentical skincare. 

Bioidentical skincare is all about embracing active ingredients that are naturally occurring in the skin, but developed ‘synthetically’ inside a lab. Natural and organic ingredients rely on conventional cultivation, harvest, and extraction processes, while lab-made ingredients do not. Typically, bioidentical ingredients are more sustainable because they’re created using chemistry and sustainable sources which have less impact on the environment than natural and organic ingredients.

At pH Factor, we are always searching for innovative skincare solutions steeped in science. We encourage our clients to use bioidentical ingredients due to their potency and sustainability.

Here is everything you need to know about bioidentical skincare:

Biotech Beauty 

Biotech beauty takes active ingredients and synthesises them by genetically engineering microbes (such as yeast, bacteria, etc) in a lab. These ingredients are a mixture of microorganisms (bio) and engineered DNA of the microbes (tech), hence the term biotech. 

Bioidentical beauty takes active ingredients that are naturally occurring and highly recognised by the body and re-creates them so that they are identical. Some examples of biotech skincare ingredients include hyaluronic acid, peptides, and squalene. 

The Benefits of Bioidentical Ingredients

Biotechnology is used by scientists and formulators to develop components of cosmetic formulas and evaluate the activity of these ingredients on human skin. This often leads to the innovation of products containing more effective or more sustainable ingredients. For example, biotech has led to the creation of plant-based squalene and vegan-friendly collagen products created from microbial fermentation. 

Natural active ingredients such as essential oils and botanical extracts take up a lot of valuable resources to produce. Lab-produced ingredients don’t typically have the carbon footprint that is linked to plant-derived ingredients. Biotech skincare ingredients are developed at higher reliability, better quality control, and potentially lower effects on the environment.

Some more benefits of bioidentical ingredients are as follows:

  1. Compared to natural resources, biotech ingredients are produced at a lower cost.
  2. Biotech skincare ingredients are free of unwanted irritants and pesticides.
  3. They create high-purity skincare products.
  4. They are safe – biotech processes undergo rigorous testing when a skincare product is developed. 
  5. They can be engineered to be bioidentical to human structure making them more effective than ingredients derived from both plant and animal sources.


Biotech skincare ingredients are at the forefront of science. If you are looking to create effective products using sustainable formulations, then taking advantage of biotech is the right choice.